Airpulse A80 Active Speaker System.

After a short break I return with the review of the A200’s baby brother, the A80. Read on to learn more in my second Airpulse review. Disclaimer:This review is sponsored by Airpulse.Audrey, Kay, Kathryn & Airpulse have been very kind and shipped me this set of monitors.The A80 retails for £629 and can be found onContinue reading “Airpulse A80 Active Speaker System.”

Meze Audio Rai Series silver plated cable upgrade.

Meze Audio send me their balanced 2.5mm rhodium plated upgrade cable. Let’s see how much of an improvement this is over the stock 3.5mm single ended cable… Disclaimer:I have not been paid by Meze Audio for this review.The views in this publication are unbiased and my own.Alexandra and Meze Audio kindly sent this cable myContinue reading “Meze Audio Rai Series silver plated cable upgrade.”

Sure Shot Cork Platter Mat.

In my first review in a set of turntable accessories from Sure Shot, I get to grips with some great gear from a brand I only recently discovered… Disclaimer:Sure Shot have not paid or sponsored me for this review.This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this piece are my own.I’d likeContinue reading “Sure Shot Cork Platter Mat.”

Competition time.

A competition from Whole Note Distribution with The Audiophile Cafe. *COMPETITION TIME* In collaboration with Whole Note Distribution: We’re delighted to make this exclusive prize draw to members of The Audiophile Cafe group on Facebook. We’re clearing out some demo stock, and up for grabs are some fantastic cables from AF Audio: The luckyContinue reading “Competition time.”

AF Audio “Bodhi” pure silver interconnect.

I recently came across Andrew Foster of AF Audio on social media and became interested in the cables he builds. He kindly sent me one out for review. Here are my thoughts of a well rounded, affordable cable… Disclaimer:Andrew / AF Audio have been very kind in sending out this sample for review. I haveContinue reading “AF Audio “Bodhi” pure silver interconnect.”

SpinFit IEM ear tips.

When a brand sends you their entire line of products to review in one shot, they must be good… Disclaimer:SpinFit have very generously sent me this collection of ear tips to review.I have not been paid or sponsored to write this.The thoughts and views in this publication are my own honest and unbiased opinion. PricesContinue reading “SpinFit IEM ear tips.”

Big Fudge Vinyl Record Friend.

Big Fudge Vinyl continue to impress with yet another of their vinyl cleaning products… Disclaimer:Big Fudge Vinyl have not paid or sponsored me for this review.This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this piece are my own.I’d like to thank Christian at Big Fudge Vinyl for kindly sending this package outContinue reading “Big Fudge Vinyl Record Friend.”

HIFIMAN TWS800 True Wireless IEM.

After my initial review of the TWS600, can their big sibling, the TWS800 improve on what came before? Disclaimer:HIFIMAN have been very kind and sent these my way for review.I have not been paid or sponsored for this review.These are my own unbiased views. The HIFIMAN TWS800 retail at $299 at the time of thisContinue reading “HIFIMAN TWS800 True Wireless IEM.”

Happy New Year from The Audiophile Cafe!

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!I hope you all had a safe, enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and New Year.It’s been extremely tough on so very many people around the globe. As you’ll see, I took a break from the end of November through the holiday period to spend much needed quality time withContinue reading “Happy New Year from The Audiophile Cafe!”