Airpulse P100X Bluetooth speaker.

It’s been a little while since I reviewed a device from Airpulse so it’s been great to have something new in to have a listen to and see what I think of it…

This review is sponsored by Airpulse.
Airpulse have been very kind and shipped me this Bluetooth speaker for review.
The P100X retails for £499.99.
Airpulse have a dealership section on their website with more information about where to buy globally.

I will note here that although this is a sponsored review by Airpulse. I have, as always, been honest and unbiased in my opinion. 

You can find the P100X and more on the Airpulse website.

Review equipment and software:
Airpulse P100X.
Astell & Kern AK70.
Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo.
Audioquest Dragonfly Black.
iPhone XS Max.
iPhone 12 Pro Max.
Samsung Galaxy Note Ten+.
Qobuz Studio Premier.
Apple Music Plus.
All cables used in this review were custom built and supplied by Custom Cans.

FLAC & DSD files on the AK70.
Hi-Res demo playlists curated by The Audiophile Cafe on Qobuz.
Lossless music on Apple Music Plus ported through Qobuz via Soundiiz.


What’s in the box:
Airpulse P100X.
Infrared remote.
1x RCA to RCA cable.
1x RCA to 3.5mm cable.
1x mains cable.

Tweeter: Airblade tweeter.
Mid-Woofer: 4.5″ aluminium cone Mid-Woofer.
Amplifier: Digital amplifier.
Power output: Tweeter – 10W+10W. Woofer – 40W.
Frequency range: 52Hz – 22kHz.
Signal-Noise ratio: L/R: >_ 90dB (A)
Input mode: Line in & Bluetooth 5.0.
Mains voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz.

Build & finish:
This is the third product I have reviewed from Airpulse and the high level of craftsmanship I’ve come to expect is all here.
The weave on the front and rear speaker grills has a lovely retro aesthetic and feels very robust.
The new Airblade tweeters have the same build quality as their other drivers, no surprises there really!
The included cables are basic but made well and are more robust than what you would find in an aisle at your local supermarket.
One thing I think that Airpulse need to work on is the quality of remote that they provide, when taking into consideration the high cost.
Don’t get me wrong, the remote works well, but I’d really like to see something a touch more robust in the next iteration.
As for connectivity, I was disappointed to see only one line in and bluetooth 5.0.
For a product as premium as this I would have expected at least one more input, allowing for a bit more flexibility.
And finally, I found the LED indicator on the front panel that shines either blue or orange depending on which input is selected rather bright when bluetooth is selected. So much so, that I had to stick a blackout sticker over it as at night it was harsh and distracting.
Definitely a few improvements needed here in my opinion.
However, I did very much like the power switch, with its solid click and backlit orange glow. Very retro, very cool!
Setting the speaker up is easy and bluetooth pairing is quick and seamless.
We also get tone controls as well as the volume knob. These are the same knobs used on Airpulse’s other speakers and they work really well on the P100X, even complimenting its style.

I’ve had a good 6 months or so with the P100X, giving it time to break in and find its sweet spot.
Like with other Airpulse speakers, in the beginning it lacks in the bass department.
However, with time this improves as the bass becomes more present and more defined.
So bear this in mind when you first start using this speaker.

Mids are forward and airy without sounding overwhelming or harsh.

Highs are fast and sharp.

Tweaking the tone controls doesn’t make a huge difference to the sound, yet allows just enough adjustment to tailor it to your preference.

At £499.99 the P100X is not a cheap or affordable bluetooth speaker.
With this said, unlike others in this price range, it’s superior build quality and stunning finish set it apart from the rest.
Its sound is like a fine wine. You need to give it some time to mature, and when it does, you can expect a full bodied, robust performance.
A few things do let it down, in regards to the cheapy looking and feeling remote, and lack of inputs.
And please Airpulse, if you’re going to use blue LED’s in the front, please at least make it dimmable.
If using this in the bedroom as we eventually settled on, the blue light is harsh and distracting.
But, I will say that as far as negatives go, they’re really quite minimal when stacked up against every good quality the P100X has going for itself.
For £499.99 we get a lively and full sound with great looks that look great anywhere in the home.
The bluetooth connection is stable and doesn’t sound any less than the line input.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, if you can forgive the remote its looks and feel, and focus on the fact that it does what it needs to and does it well.
It sounds as a £500 device should, forgoing the usual fat, bloated sound of other similarly priced bluetooth speakers, settling instead for a sound that is more refined, yet still retaining some bounce and vibrancy!

A huge thank you to Rebecca & Kathryn at Bleat, Audrey and Kay at STAX and STAX, Airpulse & Edifier for their ongoing sponsorship & support of the blog and being exceptionally patient with me.

Jason and the team at Custom Cans, without whom, I wouldn’t have half the cables I need to make these reviews as controlled as possible. Thank you yet again!

Thank you to Qobuz, David and the team for their ongoing partnership, which makes my life a whole lot easier.

And of course a massive thanks to you, my readers. As always, your patience and time is always appreciated!
Please remember to like, follow, share etc as it all helps to get my numbers of readers up.

All my very best, Paul!

Happy New Year to you all.


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