Ophidian Minimo 2 Micro Monitor.

Ophidian’s Minimo 2 leaves a lasting impression on me in my first time with one of their products…

I have not been paid or sponsored by Ophidian for this review.
The views in this publication are unbiased and my own.
A big thank you to Gareth for sending out the Minimo 2 for review.

For more details follow this link on Ophidians website:
They retail at £900 and can be found at the following retailers:

Review equipment:
Ophidian Minimo 2.
Airpulse A200 stands. ( filled with Atacama Atabytes )
Target wall mounts.
Cyrus ONE.
Hifi Rose RS250.
Qobuz Studio Premier.
iPad Pro.
iBasso DX80 via optical.
Technics SL1200mkII.
Ortofon Quintet Red.
KECES Audio ePhono.
KECES Audio linear power supply.
Audiowalle TP1000 mains conditioner x2.
AFAudio mains cables, speaker cable & interconnects throughout.

The Minimo 2’s were demo’d on stands and wall mounted.

A variety of High Res audio files in multiple formats and some vinyl.
Mixed genres.

What’s in the box:
2x Ophidian Minimo 2.
2x front grills.


Features –

• 115mm coated paper midbass with powerful motor system.

• 27mm neodymium high frequency unit with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm.

• AEROFLEX port system for a precisely controlled bass performance.

• Braced and optimised cabinet built in Sheffield, UK.

• Detachable magnetic protective grilles.

Specifications –

• Frequency response – 53hz to 25khz (-3dB).

• Sensitivity – 85dB (2.83v).

• Recommended power – 40 to 80 watts.

• Impedance – 4 ohms.

• Dimensions – 210mm H x 132mm W x 190mm D (including grilles).

• Weight – 2.6kg.

• Available finishes – Oak or Walnut (contact for custom).

Build and finish:
As with any brand that you’re unfamilier with, you don’t know what to expect in terms of quality until you see the product for yourself.
The moment I spoke with Gareth right up to when I unboxed these “micro monitors” Ophidian were in my good books.
Gareth was very friendly and supportive from the get-go and has been extremely patient. So I can safely say that I imagine customer service being no different!
The Minimo 2’s are very, very well made.
The components used are high quality, and the veneer is top notch.
The magnetic front grills are a great touch and the grills line up perfectly.
Around the rear we have the metal bass port/vent and the binding posts. All of which are robust and flawlessly finished.
Ophidian have created a premium speaker with subtle, yet classy styling and an exceptional finish.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”
It’s an old saying and I’ve used it many a time.
And it certainly is apt when talking about the Minimo 2.

These speakers jumped out at me the moment I hit play.
A well defined and punchy mid bass that I was not expecting, was the first surprise.
Rapidly followed by a forward very smooth and airy midrange that made vocals and acoustic instruments sound extremely organic.
The highs are beautifully clean and fast paced, with just the right touch of sparkle and emphasis in higher frequencies.

I listened to them both on my Airpulse stands which are filled with Atacama Atabytes and on my Target wall mounts, mounted to an external brick wall.
On the stands they are spaced 3 meters apart from each other and 25 inches away from the rear wall.
The distance between them and my listening position is 2.5 meters either side.
On the wall they are spaced at 2.5 meters apart and 2 inches from the rear wall with a distance of about 3.5 meters away from the listening position on either side.
On stands I tried them facing directly forward and toed in.
On the wall mounts I have them at a slight tilt, aiming them at a position level with my ears.
I tried them facing directly forward and toed in, tilted in both instances.

After a lot of position tweaking I found that toeing them in, both on the stands and on the wall mounts created a better 3d image.

On the stands the soundstage was very wide with clinically acurate separation and good depth.
I did find the lower bass less present in this configuration, but without losing any of that mid bass punch.
The mids were airy and filled the listening space with some of the best presentation of vocals and acoustic instruments I’ve heard to date.
The highs were super sharp and extremely detailed.

Wall mounted, they produce more depth to the bass but with less speed in comparison to when they are stand mounted.
Mids are more pronounced, yet retain their airiness.
Highs are slightly rolled off when in this configuration, but still they hold on to their acuracy and definition.
Soundstage was more focused and narrower.

The Cyrus ONE powered them as an integrated amp, however I also used the ONE in AV mode ( Power Amp ) with the RS250 in Pre amplifier mode.

I found in AV mode the ONE delivered more power which made the Minimo 2’s fill the room with a more lively & well rounded delivery.

My eventual preference was to have them on stands with the amp in AV mode as this offered better power delivery, a wider soundstage and a better 3d image.
The bass is harder hitting with the amp in AV mode and I believe in the future, If I added a decent sub, it could fill in the lower end of the frequency range.
That being said, the bass they produce is more than enough for my liking and I may well get used to using them this way and not bother with a sub.

The Ophidian Minimo 2 are worth every penny of their £900 asking price.
They are a fabulous main speaker but can also be used quite easily in a home theatre system.
I used them in a large room and they filled the space with some of the best audio I’ve heard yet.
I can imagine them having no problem in a smaller room or office space and would be an ideal solution in that setting.
They played every format and genre I threw at them with utter ease and never lost pace, even with faster EDM or metal.
Whether I listened to Mahler, Queen, some Lo-fi, Autechre, Deftones or some smooth relaxing jazz they performed flawlessly.
They are a smart pair of speakers, easy on the eye and don’t take up a lot of space. They certainly will suit many different systems and rooms.

Would I recommend them or buy them myself?
Absolutely, on both counts. They have been a pleasure to spend time with.
In fact, before publishing this review I’d already spoken with Gareth about purchasing a pair.
They’ll be taking up residence in my bedroom/office system along with the Cyrus ONE and my Pro-ject Debut Carbon EVO. That’s if I don’t fall in love with whatever Gareth next sends my way.

Thank you to Gareth and Ophidian for their kindness and patience. I shall look forward to the next pair of their speakers that grace my blog.
And of course, a big thank you to all of my readers. Your continued support is much appreciated!

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All my best.



Soundcore Life P2 Mini True Wireless In-ears.

Lorna & Soundcore were extremely kind and sent out a large haul a few months back. These fabulous little IEM’s are the first of many Soundcore reviews on the way.

Soundcore have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this publication are my own.
I’d like to thank Lorna & Soundcore for kindly sending these True Wireless IEM’s out to The Audiophile Cafe for review.

They currently retail at £39.99 and you can find them by following this link:

Review equipment and software:
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.
Qobuz Studio Premier.
Apple Music for Android.


Various albums on Apple Music and Qobuz Studio Premier.

What’s in the box:
Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds.
Charging case.
XS/S/M/L/XL eartips.
USB-C cable.

10mm triple-layer dynamic drivers.
Playtime per charge: 8 hours.
Total playtime with charging case: 32 hours.
Fast charge: Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 1 hour.
IPX5 waterproof.
Bluetooth 5.2.
2 microphones with AI-enhanced uplink noise reduction.
Ultra-lightweight build, 3 EQ modes, touch control, USB-C.
Recommended for business calls, commute and travel.

Battery life:
As stated in the specs. Very impressive!

Build & finish:
This will be my second review of a Soundcore product. The first time around I was impressed with the build quality and finish and the same can be said for these Life P2 Mini’s.
The only thing I missed here was wireless charging. However, at this price point you can’t expect every bell and whistle.
And the USB-C is a good robust connection and the case charges quickly.

Setup, app and use:
Setup is straight forward with the bluetooth pairing first time and keeping a stable connection .
The Life P2 Mini don’t utilise the Soundcore app which for some will make these easier to use.
They do however, benefit from touch controls on both sides which are easy to use and the controls are clearly explained on the website.

The Life P2 Mini are light weight and extremely comfortable.
The ear-tips are silky soft and fit very well inside the ear.
I was able to wear them for a long 2.5 hour listening session without any discomfort.

Focused soundstage. In-car like.
Good separation of instruments and vocals.
Bass – Tight, punchy mid bass. Plenty of deep bass.
Mids – Smooth and defined.
Highs – Crisp and clear.

Final thoughts:
Bargain at £39.99!
Lightweight and very comfy.
fabulous sound for the price.
Suits all genres.
Great all rounder.
These were quickly taken off my hands by my son who has had his eyes on them for a while now.
He is enjoying them very much and prefers them over the far more expensive HIFIMAN TWS600!


Many thanks to all of my readers and contributors, both for the ongoing support and for your patience while I had some downtime.
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