CCZ Emerald DD+BA Hybrid IEM’s.

In my second review of the Keep Hifi drop that just landed on my doorstep, we have the Emerald Hybrid IEM’s.


I have not been paid by CCZ or Keep Hifi for this review.
The views in this publication are unbiased and my own.
Vivian & Keep Hifi kindly sent this IEM my way to review.
The Coffee Bean IEM retails for £28.99 at the time of this review and they have a discount voucher in place currently.

You can pick one up here:

Review equipment:
CCZ Emerald IEM’s.
Astell & Kern AK70 MKI.

Various hi res files.

What’s in the box:
1 pair CCZ Emerald Hybrid IEM’s.
1 pair spare silicone ear tips.


1. Brand: CCZ
2. Model: Emerald
3. Color: Green; Blue
4. Interface/Connector:2PIN 0.78MM
5. Plug type: 3.5MM
6. Impedance: 16±2Ω
7. Sensitivity: 110±3dB
8. Frequency response:20hz-20KHZ
9. Driver unit: 10mm dual magnetic circuit DD unit+CCZ customized BA
10. Wearing type: In-Ear
11. Whether with cable: Yes
12. Whether with mic: No mic;With mic
13. Cable length: 1.2m
14. Cable material: 4N OFC
15. Whether can replacement cable: Yes

Build and finish:
CCZ have made a fantastic looking and very well built IEM here.
Like the Coffee Bean, we find the “fins” that help the IEM’s sit in the ear easier and more comfortably.
The housings are flawless and feel robust.
The ear tips again are silicone and feel very smooth and well made.
The cable is identical to the one that came with the Coffee Beans and is made to a high standard.
The pastel blue is a beautiful colour to use and I love the simplicity of the design choice for these IEM’s.
Subtle yet classy.
Unfortunately though, as with the Coffee Bean, no pouch or case is to be seen.
It’s a shame such a lovely pair of IEM’s come with nothing to keep them protected when not in use!

These are very comfortable in the ear and around the top of the ear.
They can be worn with glasses with no issues or discomfort.
The fin at the top of the housing fits comfortably inside the ear and is unnoticeable once it’s in.
I wore these for three hours of listening time with no discomfort or fatigue.

Soundstage is focused with some width and depth. Instrument separation is very good and imaging is on point.
Lows are textured and deep. The bass performance is less boomy than the Coffee Bean, yet carries the same heavy hitting punch. Adding to an all around tighter, more articulate sound.
The mids are full bodied, airy and smooth yet without overwhelming the rest of the listening experience.
Highs are beautifully crisp and detailed, lending to just the right amount of sparkle and clarity.
Listening to various genres is a pleasure and the Emerald’s perform admirably!
These are very much a more forgiving, laid back IEM in comparison to the Coffee Bean.


Final thoughts & thanks:
For a few more quid, and at the moment with a discount voucher in place, I would choose these over the Coffee Bean. And I would highly recommend them at their price point.
They’re a fantastic entry level IEM for listeners with not a lot of coin, yet they’re also going to be a worthwhile listen to those with larger collections of IEM’s.
Either way you can’t go wrong with this set.
A very comfortable and enjoyable listen!

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