AF Audio “Bodhi” pure silver interconnect.

I recently came across Andrew Foster of AF Audio on social media and became interested in the cables he builds. He kindly sent me one out for review. Here are my thoughts of a well rounded, affordable cable…

Cable in picture NOT the Bodhi.

Andrew / AF Audio have been very kind in sending out this sample for review.
I have not been paid to write this publication.
The views and opinions herein are unbiased and my own.

For prices please take a look on the AF Audio website:

For a three meter Bodhi like the one I have it would retail at £400.

Review equipment:
iPad Pro.
Burson Audio Conductor 3X Performance DAC/Pre.
Airpulse A200 active speakers.
AF Audio Bodhi pure silver interconnect.
Audiowalle TP1000 mains conditioner.
Audioquest mains cables.


What’s in the box:
1x 3 meter pure silver Bodhi interconnect.

RCA TO RCA Interconnect Pure Silver 99.99%.
Pure Silver 1mm Conductors.
PTFE Dielectric.
Copper Tape Screening.
Black or Red Outer Sheath.
High Quality Gold Plated RCA Plugs. (Locking Plugs)

Build and finish:
Any reader who knows me will know I’m quite anal about cables. In the sense that I am always on the lookout for a cable that is built not only to improve sound, but also one that looks good and can take some heavy use.
I have annoyed so many builders in the past with my incessant need for updates throughout the build with photos of the process.
This is something I try very hard not to do these days, so Andrew surprised me when he sent a photo of the cable when he was finishing it up. I didn’t even think to ask yet here I was being sent a photo of the build, which struck a chord with me. This chap really takes care in what he does and isn’t uncomfortable in being transparent with his work.
In the cable building industry this is something I wish more brands would do!
The cable arrived in a timely fashion and I was greeted with a cable that oozed with premium craftsmanship right out of the parcel.
From the parts used to the finesse of the finished product, the Bodhi is a statement of how good Andrews cables really are.
In my experience, whether it be a headphone cable, USB cable, speaker cable or an interconnect I often note that the connectors used tend to be a weak link in the cable.
Andrew has used some very high quality locking plugs that look and feel like they could probably outlast a nuclear blast! I kid you not.
The cable is equally high end and is well protected beneath it’s outer sheath.
For build and finish alone, I’ll certainly be coming back to Andrew for more cables in the future.

Andrew includes instructions in the package in regards to which direction the cable should be connected. Does the direction make a difference in sound? I’ll get into that in a moment.
The locking plugs are easy too unscrew and re lock. This is important to me as with Osteoarthritis some plugs can be hard to work with.

Ok, let’s deal with the elephant in the room.
There are people in this world who believe that cables make absolutely no difference in sound or performance. And that’s ok.
There are also folk who hear a difference in sound. Whether that be a very small change or a significant one. We exist, and that’s ok too.
I’m of the latter group, so let me go into more depth…

I used the Boghi exclusively between my Burson Audio Conductor 3X Performance in DAC mode and my Airpulse A200 active speakers.
Up until this point I was using a far cheaper “Edge” interconnect I picked up on Amazon a while back which in its own right, is a great cable with good sonic performance.
After switching that out for the Bodhi I noticed a significant tightening up of the higher frequencies with improved agility and resolution.
The mids are now more refined and the airiness of my system sounds smoother.
My system is already quite bass heavy when it wants to be and with the Boghi in place, the system now sounds less overwhelmed. The bass is more refined with better control and just slightly rolled off in the deeper frequencies. But only just.
All of this adds up to a more balanced delivery. I also noticed a considerably broader soundstage and vastly improved dynamic range.
Earlier I mentioned direction. I tried the Bodhi in both directions and I did hear a slight change. If I were to describe it I would say that using the cable in the opposite direction than advised, the sound reproduced was not as vibrant and sounded a little muddled in busier passages of music.

Thoughts and recommendation:
I am glad that brands such as AF Audio and people like Andrew are in the industry.
What they bring to the table is a mixture of class, dedication, transparency and flawless craftsmanship!
Andrew / AF Audio just leapt straight into my list of top 5 cable builders.
On the question of value for money?
This is a cable that performs on par with others priced at least three times as much.
Could I find any flaws? I tried. I really did in the name of being unbiased. I found none.
Would I recommend AF Audios cables? Yes, without a second thought.
Andrews cables are a testament unto themselves. But you also get a transparency and customer service that I have rarely seen elsewhere.

Thank you to you all for reading this review.
Please be sure to subscribe, follow, like and share.
And as always, stay safe!

All my best. Paul.

I’d like to thank Andrew for sending this cable my way and for his help and advice throughout.

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