Big Fudge Vinyl Record Friend.

Big Fudge Vinyl continue to impress with yet another of their vinyl cleaning products…

Big Fudge Vinyl have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this piece are my own.
I’d like to thank Christian at Big Fudge Vinyl for kindly sending this package out to The Audiophile Cafe.

The Big Fudge Vinyl Record Friendly currently retails at $61.95.
You can find this and other products on their website here:-

What’s in the box:

  • Vinyl sink with lid.
  • Drying rack. ( holds 10 albums )
  • 2x 150ml cleaning fluid concentrate.
  • 2x microfiber cleaning brushes.
  • 2x adjustable rollers.
  • 1x all purpose cleaning cloth.
  • 1x microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • Complete instructions.

Build and finish:
The Record Friendly is as I expected. Great robust build quality.
The kit is made of a strong plastic and designed well, but manages to look smart at the same time.
The drying rack slots in underneath the “sink” and all of it is protected with a really nice soft touch lid with Big Fudge Vinyls branding neatly included in the bottom right corner. it will hold ten records at a time.
The sink has four rubber feet attached so it won’t go slipping everywhere and can be sat on a smooth surface without any issues.
I wish BFV had included the same underneath the drying rack, however this is my only complaint. ( I can easily add some rubber feet or a rubber mat of some kind at a later date )
After checking all of the parts, I found no burs or rough edges on any of them. Which is something I have experienced before on a similar product in the past.
The clothes and brushes included are high quality and I think will hold up for quite some time before they need replacing.
Big Fudge Vinyl include two bottles of solution which according to Big Fudge will last 500 washes per bottle. That’s a LOT of cleaning sessions for not a lot of money!
The rollers can be moved to different positions allowing the easy cleaning of 12″, 10″ and 7″ records.
The kit includes full instructions which are simple and easy to understand.
And if that wasn’t enough, Big Fudge Vinyl have this video on the product page to guide you through the process. I can’t compliment this enough. It’s a great touch and a fantastic way to connect with and help customers.

Setup and use:
Setup is straight forward and the included instructions make it so.
On the instructions, Big Fudge Vinyl recommend using distilled water.
In this video warm water is used, we don’t know if this is regular tap water or otherwise.
In my review of this product I used deionised water as that is what I had at hand, and from the advise of some fellow audiophiles I have been told that this is the next best thing to distilled water. I understand this will be subjective and dependant on the condition of the tap water in your area. So please do take Big Fudge’s advice and use distilled water if you can, otherwise I would say go with the next best thing. I bought two litres of deionised water for just £1.39 from Amazon so it is not expensive.
All the parts are easily removed and replaced and the whole system comes apart and can be put back together and stored away with great ease.
The kit really is very easy and intuitive to use.

Thoughts and recommendation:
I cannot recommend this product enough.
Big Fudge Vinyl have yet again brought the consumer a high quality product, with ease of use in mind. The customer experience as always is second to none.
As stated before, the only little complaint I have is the lack of rubber feet or a mat underneath the record drying rack. Otherwise this is a fabulous system and considering the sheer amount of cleaning cycles you will get from the included bottles of solution, it’s a very affordable and worthwhile investment that will help maintain and keep your treasured vinyl collection in top form.

Thanks to my readers and supporters as always. Stay safe and keep well.

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