Happy New Year from The Audiophile Cafe!

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!
I hope you all had a safe, enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and New Year.
It’s been extremely tough on so very many people around the globe.

As you’ll see, I took a break from the end of November through the holiday period to spend much needed quality time with my wife and son.
We were extremely lucky and got to spend Christmas day with my parents. We’ve been in a “bubble” since March last year so were able to do this safely.
On the flip side we were unable to see my Grandmother, brother, sister and my nieces or my in-laws. It was hard to not see them at what is usually a very special time of year for our whole family, however we hope we can make up for it all later this year. EVERYTHING crossed!

As of today I’m back online and will be updating the blog with some much needed new content, so keep an eye open for some new reviews over the following days.

Over the holiday period I have been in talks with a few brands and friends I have made in the industry and am happy to announce that a few new brands are now on board as contacts.
I’m also in talks with a few possible new sponsors.

This year the blog will at some point, be upgraded to a business account which will allow me to monetise ads, in the hope I can begin to make a bit of revenue out of this ongoing project.
It will also mean that I can get better support from WordPress when things don’t work as they should.
I will make it clear now that the blog will remain free to read and sign up too. This was always my plan and always shall be.

Please be aware that through the pandemic it isn’t always straight forward to get products sent my way to review.
For the most part, contacts and sponsors have been able to ship items with no issue. However there has been the occasional time when an item is delayed or a brand is unable to ship out a product. Whether that be due to stock levels or shipping restrictions.
As a result I will be spreading reviews out as much as possible so there is always something to publish on the blog.
So if you have a product awaiting review and it’s taking a little longer than expected, please be patient with me and rest assured your product WILL be reviewed and published.

Many thanks to you all for your patience and ongoing support.

All my very best, All my hopes.



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