Meze Audio Rai Solo IEM.

Next up in an ever growing line up of Meze Audio products, I review the Rai Solo.
Read more to get my thoughts on this very cool looking IEM.


I have not been paid or sponsored by Meze Audio for this review.
The views in this publication are unbiased and my own.
Alexandra and Meze Audio kindly sent these my way to review.
The Rai Solo retail at $249 at the time of this review.

You can pick some up by following the link below-


Review equipment:
Meze Audio Rai Solo.
Astell & Kern AK70.
Samsung Galaxy Note Ten+.
Audioquest Dragonfly Black v1.5.
Qobuz Studio Premier.

Fleetwood Mac – Audiophile Collection. ( Redbook 16bit / 44.1kHz )
David Bowie – Hunky Dory. ( Redbook 16bit / 44.1kHz )
Rebecca Pidgeon – The Raven. ( Redbook 16bit / 44.1kHz )
Mahler – Symphony No. 5. ( Redbook 16bit / 44.1kHz )
Mastodon – Once More Around The Sun. ( Redbook 16bit / 44.1kHz )
Gorillaz – Demon Days. ( Redbook 16bit / 44.1kHz )

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What’s in the box:
2x Meze Audio Rai Solo IEM.
1x 1.3m MMCX braided, silver plated copper cable.
1x Hard Case.
3 pairs of soft silicone ear tips S, M, L.
3 double flanged ear tips S, M, L.
2 deep insertion double flanged ear tips M, L.

Driver: 9.2mm UPM dynamic driver.
Diaphragm thickness: 9µm.
Impedance: 16 Ohm.
SPL: 105±3dB at 1mW/1kHz.
Frequency response: 18Hz – 22kHz.
Distortion: <1% at 1mW/1kHz.
Stock cables: MMCX connector ending in 3.5mm.
Warranty period: 2 years.

Build and finish:
You’ve gone and done it again Meze Audio!
Meze have created an IEM that had I not known the price, would have guessed at being priced between $500 and $600. At the least.
Premium craftsmanship is to be found throughout. The sintered steel shell has been lovingly designed, crafted and finished to the highest quality with colour coded machined nozzles to match with left and right being very clear between red and blue.
These are an ergonomically designed IEM and it shows. Nothing was rushed here.
The included cable is perfect. Stylish, lightweight yet sturdy with nearly zero microphonics, again I wish more headphone and IEM brands would take note and put as much time and effort into the cable as they do the main product. Meze Audio are one of the brands leading the way in creating premium cables to complement their products.

Meze Audio have designed a lightweight ergonomic IEM that sits inside your ears and disappear. The silicone ear tips included are smooth and comfortable but with enough texture to help them stay put creating a good seal, offering good isolation.
The included cable has a flexible sleeve covering the last few inches or so that go up around your ear and these help to hold the Solos firmly but comfortably in place.
Glasses can be worn with no issues which is something that I sometimes struggle with with this style of IEM and cable.
I found that after 3 hours of solid listening I experienced no discomfort or fatigue.

What we have here is an IEM that easily punches above its weight due to an impressive dynamic range and low impedance.
Starting with a wide soundstage and great imaging the Solo put you right in front of the stage or behind the mixing desk.
Instrument separation is excellent squeezing out every little detail, and remaining so in busier sections of music.
Vocalists and instruments are clearly positioned creating an almost 3D image.
Lows and mid bass are articulate and on point with great extension and presence. They have a controlled sound with form and plenty of reach into the lower frequencies.
Mids and Mid highs are neutral and have an organic sound. Vocals come through beautifully with air and body without sounding exaggerated.
The Solo have a fair amount of upper frequency sparkle which is immediate with detail and accuracy that I have rarely heard in an IEM at this price.

Amazing looks that are more akin to a $500 IEM.
Ergonomic design which allows them to essentially disappear and be worn for extended periods.
Sound performance that punches well above its weight with an extensive dynamic range.
Great all-rounder that plays any genre with ease.
Easy to drive due to low impedance.
A 5 Star audiophile IEM!

I would recommend these to anyone after an affordable pair of IEMs that have a full bodied sound without sacrificing quality.

Therefore I give the Rai Solo IEM The Audiophile Cafe’s Editors Choice award!

Thank you again to my readers for their ongoing support.
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A big thank you to Alexandra and everyone at Meze Audio for their generosity and continued support of The Audiophile Cafe!

And thank you to todays sponsor, Airpulse Audio.


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