Big Fudge Vinyl Outer Sleeves

As part of a bulk delivery Big Fudge Audio sent out a pack of 50 of their outer sleeves. Are they worth it?

Big Fudge Vinyl have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this piece are my own.
I’d like to thank Christian at Big Fudge Vinyl for kindly sending this package out to The Audiophile Cafe.

The Big Fudge Vinyl outer sleeves currently retail at $15.95 for a pack of 50.
You can find this and other products on their website here:-

What’s in the box:
50x 12″ 3 mil HDPP, Crystal Clear, Wrinkle-Free outer sleeves.

Build and finish:
The Outer Sleeves have a robust and sturdy feel to them with no detectable sharp edges or blemishes.

High-density polypropylene.
3 mil.
Crystal clear.
Wrinkle free.

Thoughts and summery:
The outer sleeves are well made and you can tell they’ve been through stringent quality control.
They will easily fit a gatefold which is an added bonus.
As Big Fudge state, the sleeves are clear and not cloudy at all so your record art is clear for all to see with the added bonus of being well protected!
I also noticed zero static when handling them, before and after putting my record covers in them.
$15.95 for a pack of 50 in my opinion is an absolute bargain. I’ve already covered my entire “rotation-stack” of records and still have a load of sleeves to go.
At this rate I think I’ll be able to protect my entire collection for not much cost.
Definitely a worthwhile investment.
I’ll add here that Christian has been an utter gent and legend to deal with since I made contact. Very kind and helpful and usually replies to any queries pretty quickly.
Big Fudge Vinyl are rapidly becoming a go-to brand for me due to the quality of products and the people who create them!

Thanks again to Christian and Big Fudge Vinyl for being fantastic to work with right from the get go.

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And thanks to my sponsors who make what I do that little bit easier.


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