RHA TrueConnect 2 True Wireless IEM.

RHAs T20 wireless IEMs surprised and impressed me. Will the TrueConnect 2 do the same?

Lorna at RHA has been a very kind and sent these my way for review.
RHA have not paid or sponsored me for this review.
These are my own unbiased views.

The RHA TrueConnect 2 retail at £129.95 at the time of this review.

You can find the TrueConnect 2 here:

Review equipment and software:
RHA TrueConnect 2 IEM.
iPad Pro.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
Qobuz Studio Premier.


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What’s in the box:
2x RHA TrueConnect 2 IEMs.
1x RHA TrueConnect 2 charging case
2xS, 3xM, 2xL silicone tips.
1x stainless steel ear tip holder.
1x USB type C charging cable.


Build and finish:
RHA have yet again proven they can make a premium quality product at a great price.
I have the space-grey or “Carbon Black” version which matches my iPad Pro and Galaxy Note perfectly.
The charging case is better built than many of the competition on the market. It is robust and I sense would easily survive a drop on the floor or having something dropped on it. Other cases do not fill me with the same confidence.
USB type C is the connector of choice here and it is welcome. Although as I state in other True Wireless reviews, the lack of wireless charging is disappointing. I hope the next iteration has wireless charging built in.
The old upside down shaky shaky test was carried out and the TrueConnect 2s hold up really well here. They will not fall out of the charging case no matter how hard you try!
There is ample room in the case to accommodate various shapes and sizes of ear tip while not impeding on the charge pins which is a welcome feature where other brands fail.
Pocket compatibility is good, although the case is a little larger than some, it still fits in my inside pocket of my jeans or a shirt pocket with ease. Despite its size it is lightweight and at no time will it try to separate you from your jeans, skirt, shorts or otherwise.
Three subtle white LEDs provide you with battery charge indication triggered with opening of the case for a quick glance.
The IEMs themselves are a clean minimal design with a stem on each. The stem is short, thin and unobtrusive.
And of course the head shake test was also carried out and they show no sign of wanting to go anywhere. So have no fear, the TrueConnect 2 won’t be launching themselves out of your ear canals whilst you’re out on a jog. While we’re mentioning outdoor activities, RHA have built a robust IEM that is good for all weather conditions!
From RHA –
“From endurance running to monsoon season, the TrueConnect performs. IP55-level rain, dust and sweat protection combines with our 3-year warranty for reliable durability.”
Which is a big improvement over the TrueConnects IPX5 rating.
I will note that the TrueConnect 2 look no different from the first version, the TrueConnect.
However, aside from the change in IP rating RHA have made a lot of improvements with the TrueConnect 2.

Pairing the TrueConnect 2s is very straightforward.
Take them out of the case, switch to pairing mode by touching the touch pad on the left or right IEM for five seconds and see them appear in your devices bluetooth list. Click pair and you’re done.
There is no app to be had here, however I feel RHA don’t need to supply one as these do not have active noise cancelling and they don’t require any tweaking. It keeps things simple and uncomplicated.

They are light and very comfortable in the ears. RHA have built touch surfaces into the body of the TrueConnect 2 which is an improvement on the previous versions buttons and a good design decision. I haven’t found a true wireless IEM yet with physical buttons that doesn’t hurt when pressing them. Touch surfaces are the way forward as not only are they far more comfortable, they also give the body a more seamless look. Far better in my opinion.
I was able to wear the TrueConnect 2s for hours with no discomfort or fatigue.
Definitely one of my favourites in the comfort department!

Straight out of the stable the TrueConnect 2 make it apparent that they are extremely good at passive noise cancelling, but without shutting the outside world out entirely.
RHA have created a focused soundstage akin to a studio environment.
Imaging is almost flawless and at a level I would expect from a more expensive true wireless IEM. Instrument separation gets a touch clouded on more exiting passages of tracks, however not by any large margin.
Bass is well extended with both low and mid bass being present and articulate.
The midrange presence is forward but not aggressively so with vocals and wind instruments sounding natural and airy.
Highs are ever so slightly rolled off at the higher frequency range. However they are well paced, detailed and crisp.
All of this working in tandem, creating a well balanced and full bodied sound signature.

The RHA TrueConnect 2 true wireless IEM are a fantastic pair of “TW” IEMs.
They demonstrate craftsmanship, finish, features and audio quality of higher priced items.
RHA have designed a fantastic all rounder that is suited well to various genres, The TrueConnect 2 aren’t picky and are very forgiving.
You will struggle to find a better true wireless set at this price point.
I have no difficulty in recommending these and give them a solid 5 stars.

Many thanks to my readers for your ongoing support.
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I would like to thank Lorna and RHA for sending these out for review and for their patience.
As always, a pleasure to work with!

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