Why I do this…

After a long sleepless night trawling through youtube channels and reading a few of my favoured reviewers, I found myself pondering on why I do this.
What do I feel qualifies me as an audiophile and as an extension, an audiophile reviewer?
and what can I bring to my audience that makes it all worth it?

Most, if not all of my readers will know by now that I’m no expert on the technology and I don’t do measurements.
So how can I be an audiophile if I don’t completely understand the tech?
Well, I do have a basic to moderate knowledge of how the electronics work, I understand sound and how it is affected by the room, by the materials on surfaces in said room. And most importantly I hear how these things translate into the real world.
When I listen to headphones I know the room is not a factor, however the electronics and headphone materials come to the fore and I hear and feel the impact they have on what I’m listening to.

However. None of this matters if I’m not enjoying the music that’s playing at that time.
and here is why I do this…

I love music, as we all do in this community. I’ve loved music since I was very young.
But hearing it on great gear and enjoying what that brings is what separates myself and you from those who aren’t too bothered about the delivery of their favourite music.
The ritual that goes with listening to vinyl, or warming those tubes up is one that many of my friends or family don’t get, but I know most of you are sat there now knowing exactly what I mean. And that is just a small part of what makes us audiophiles.
Of course when I hear music on someones bluetooth speaker or radio I like hearing it, but I can never shake that desire to get home, kick back and enjoy my system and how it brings the music to life.

So what do I hope that you the reader gets from my reviews and articles that I publish?
I am not a magazine, I don’t have capital to throw at this or any sponsorship.
I do this because I enjoy it, and I want you to enjoy good audio also.
I won’t be that person that advises you to spend over a specific bottom end to get great sounding electronics. I have learned that you can get good results from gear at the lower end of the scale just as much as the higher end products. That’s not to say that I don’t like expensive hifi or won’t cater for higher end listeners. I pride myself on our social media community being all inclusive and that is an offshoot from what I am trying to achieve here.
I won’t lie to you if something doesn’t meet my expectations, regardless of the price tag.
If it sounds bad or is built poorly I’ll tell you. If it’s the best thing I’ve heard to date, I’ll make sure you all know. And of course this is all subjective as what my ears like isn’t the same as what yours do. You can be on your first steps on this journey of discovery or an enthusiast who’s been listening for years. I will treat you all as equals.
I’m learning new things all the time as I work my way through this project and get to know my way around more gear & speak with people in the industry from all over the globe, and I want you to learn with me.

If you like what I write please let me know and add this blog to your bookmarks.

New content is coming very soon once products begin to arrive again.

For now, thank you for reading and I hope you are all safe and well.



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