Respect for Women and other genders in the audiophile world and why we need to start realising what year it is and evolve!

One of the few reasons I founded The Audiophile Cafe was to create not a safe space, But a space where “Safety” is the norm and to encourage others to stop thinking about creating safe spaces but realising that anywhere and everywhere should be a safe space, Meaning there be no need for the title.

We’re approaching the year 2020 and the one thing I thought as a child I would see by now would be a world of fairness, of respect and a world where we all feel safe and equal.

I’m ashamed and concerned to say that it was wishful thinking.

Still now, In 2019 am I seeing and hearing of friends and colleagues experiencing prejudice, disrespect or bullying of some form simply because they don’t fit into the cis white male’s comfort zone.

And to think that men in places of responsibility are accommodating this behaviour…
I find it embarrassing, shameful and unforgivable that women, &/Or anyone else that doesn’t fit into this small circle of so called professionals & enthusiasts are shunned, Ignored, or bullied into submission.

Simply put, It’s disgraceful!

Now I may be a small freelance reviewer who’s just starting out,
Or someone that is just starting out in a political career,
However I feel the need to speak up, As I think all men should begin looking at how long we should allow this behaviour to continue unchecked.

I am proud to say that The Audiophile Cafe’s various social media platforms are spaces where I hold down a zero tolerance policy against any behaviour as described in this blog.
It goes without saying my on-line spaces are also safe harbours for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ / BAME communities.
Why ANY of you should feel unsafe or unwelcome in an audiophile community is beyond me and frankly sounds bloody ridiculous!

This piece will get some backs up and I have no doubt in my mind that some brands will avoid me now because of this article, but you know… I don’t care! I’ld rather be sent just a handful of products to review and not be paid to do it, then sell my soul and work alongside people who I have zero respect for and 100% dislike.

So go ahead and remove me from your mailing list if you think I’m just another “SJW” or lefty loony. Please, You will be doing me a favour!

As for anyone who has had to put up with this horrid toxic environment for this long, Please feel free to look us up on facebook at

Where I promise you will be welcome with open arms.

As always, All my best, Paul, Owner & Founder of The Audiophile Cafe.