Eufonika H7 Headphone Tube Amplifier Review

First I would like to thank Wieslaw at Eufonika for sending me the H7 to review and for being so patient with me.

You can find his other products at their website and eBay storefront. –

Like the previous time, The amplifier was sent in good packaging as were the tubes. And I must say shipping was fast and I wasn’t required to pay a hefty customs charge as I sometimes have with other firms. This I am very thankful for.

A power cable was again included.

The wood colour on this amp I found was a touch lighter than the H4 and is a nice contrast.

The build quality is of a very high standard and you just know that a lot of love and attention to detail has been put into this product.

Like the H4 this thing is no light weight so bear this in mind when choosing where you are going to situate it.

One thing I like here is the layout of the amp.
Essentially everything bar the tubes is placed in the same position on both amplifiers making it a very intuitive unit to use with nothing new to learn about where everything is or what each thing does!

I love the simple design, This is very much a case of Less is more! And the components used ooze quality.

So lets get on to the most important part… The listening experience!

So currently a lot of my gear is in storage as our house is being renovated, So I had to think outside the box in order to get this review done and to make sure I made Wieslaw wait no longer than he already had!

So, Out came the iBasso DX80 which luckily has a line out and will play back high res files.

Again like last time I used the Sony MDR SA5000’s to keep things as equal as possible, Although really there is no need as both amps are designed for very different headphones, So as such will operate slightly differently from each other.

The first thing I noticed was the warmth and fullness of the sound.
It is rich and detailed yet has an airy, Forward sound that I really like.
Bass is tight and controlled with no boom. It certainly doesn’t wallow or muddy the experience. Quite the opposite really.
Highs are crystal clear yet not harsh or overwhelming.
However, Unlike the H4 the H7 presents a midrange that is more pronounced and forward, Yet in a way that takes vocals and strings and plays them back with resounding clarity. Wind instruments are a genuine pleasure to listen to and I can honestly say that I believe if and when Wieslaw creates a speaker amplifier, If paired with the right cabs could sound truly amazing!

I went on to try my Custom Senn-Grado’s, Meze Audio 99 Neo’s, Grado SR125’s and Hifiman HE400’s and all sounded sublime, Each in their own characteristic way. The H7 has no problem driving any of these headphones and does so with the highest quality in both presentation and performance!

Oh and Wieslaw, If you ever make a balanced version of these amplifiers…. Count me in please! ( Make it 4-pole XLR 😉 )

Would I recommend this or the H4 at their price points? Absolutely!

Worth EVERY penny! Don’t forget to take a look at the links at the beginning of the review.

Thank you again Wieslaw and Eufonika for allowing me the opportunity to review and keep one of your amazing amplifiers. This will certainly be not just a go to amp, But also a fantastic show piece and conversation starter!

I’ll leave you with some more photo’s that I took with the SA5k’s.

And for reference the H4 –