isoACOUSTICS Aperta Speaker Or Monitor Desk Stands. ( Black )

Thank you again to Matt Esau for supplying these items for review from isoACOUSTICS.

Like the Orea Indigo pucks, The Aperta stands come in excellent packaging.
They are very well protected and the packaging gives a great deal of info of what is inside.

The first thing I notice about these is the weight! These are not light by any means and this can only be a good thing in my opinion.

They are easy to set up and have the flexibility of allowing angle adjustment.
Just like the Orea Indigo’s the rubber isoACOUSTICS use is spot on and nice and grippy.

They hold my speakers of choice well in place and they don’t budge easily.

they are a nice compact size that allows them to fit on my desk without taking up a ton of space, Yet they are heavy and sturdy enough to take speakers that are quite a bit wider and deeper than they are.

I tested these with my Monitor Audio Bronze BR2’s which are quite sensitive to placement, angle and whatever they are sat on.

The BR2’s have a less than easy to get just right soundstage and the bass they produce can be quite weak yet boomy or wallowy with an audible lack of control. Until you get them set up just right. But even then I still struggle to get the bass to sound how I want it.

These stands tighten up the bass yet somehow allow for a deeper bass at the same time. I don’t quite know how this is achieved, Maybe it’s their closer proximity to something behind them in conjunction with the feet?
Either way, I know that although these are not meant to be desktop speakers and more on the lines of standmount / large bookshelf, They are the best they have sounded yet.

I have no doubt in my mind if I got a larger set of stands to sit on the floor for some bigger speakers that I would be doubly impressed.

I wanted to write a longer review but I feel the review should reflect the product, And I find the product makes it’s point from the start in a sharp and concise manner.

Price is £195 for a pair. This I can get on board with easier than I could the Indigo individual price.

Do I recommend them? Absolutely! They make a fantastic and affordable solution for any desktop Or could quite easily be used as a solution on say a sideboard or some sort of living room or dining room cabinet.

They certainly make quite an audible difference to the sound in a positive way that I was happy enough with them to purchase them.


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